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Your Mortgage – Fun Facts And Keeping You Safe!

All the hard work is now done, and you have a new responsibility in your life – paying a mortgage.

We are here to help – we work for you and not the lender, so finding ways of reducing the time it takes to pay off your loan (without causing any financial stress) is what we are here to do.

Helping you find ways of paying off you mortgage quicker is easier than it sounds. We have made note of your loans and when they come up for renewal. These dates are usually called the loans ‘Rollover date”.

On the rollover date we have the chance to re-look at your financial position.

  • -      Have you a lump sum you would like to place against           the mortgage?
  • -      Been promoted or have had a wage increase?
  • -      Found the repayments in the first year too easy?
  • -      Starting a family or going down to one wage?

All these things and more can change the tone of our next move.

So, the rollover dates of your mortgage are super important – it gives us a chance of touch and change your loan structure to suit your changing needs.

Remember we will contact you before your loan rolls over, so we can assist. Please resist going to the bank direct to complete your loan rollover and get expert advice on what suits you best.                                                                     

                                                                                Fun Facts:

Paying extra against your loan saves thousands and take years off your loan term.

The average 2-year interest rate in New Zealand is 8%.

“Almost” is the longest word in English with all the letters in alphabetical order.       

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